Vanilla and Chocolate Pizzelles

In case you aren’t familiar with pizzelles they are a flat, round, Italian, waffle type cookie. While there’s not a drop of Italian blood in me for some reason my family has made making pizzelles every Christmas a tradition. I was fortunate enough to inherit my grandma’s pizzelle maker so now I can make these tasty cookies whenever I get a craving. Traditionally we have always made them using vanilla or almond extract, but you can use other flavorings such as anise, lemon, or orange.

I loved this chocolate version and will definitely continue making it along with the vanilla. Aside from just eating the pizzelle cookies as is, you can also sandwich a couple of them together with nutella or even some ice cream.

That was a dangerously delicious dessert! I hope you enjoy these Vanilla and Chocolate Pizzelles as much as I do and maybe they will become a holiday baking tradition in your family as well!

Delicious flat, round, Italian, waffle like cookies. A delicious and easy to make Christmas cookie!

Get the full recipe and instructions here >> Vanilla and Chocolate Pizzelles @


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