Mint Chocolate Mini Cakes

I LOVE this mint chocolate cake to tide me over until then. As someone who isn’t big on chocolate – if you toss mint into the mix? I’ll eat so much my stomach all but explodes. I’m so very impressed. Beautiful little cakes. It was amazing, the mint made it taste so good!

Chocolate and mint is hands down one of the most legendary flavour combinations, so I can imagine how good these mini cakes would have tasted. Love how moist, fudgy and delicious they look – especially with all that chocolate and cream topping! I baked these cakes in a jumbo muffin tin.  They make the perfect sized dessert.

These cakes are rich and dense with the perfect hint of mint. My favorite part of making them? Eating the hot cake tops left over from leveling the cakes just after they come out of the oven. Amazing is all I can say.

Get the full recipe and instructions here >> Mint Chocolate Mini Cakes @


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