Vegetarian Mushroom Meatballs

I've made these. My brother and sister enjoyed it. I used blender to mix all the ingredients with the mushrooms, so as not to leave any visible traces.

These turned out so good! I didn’t read the directions all the way through prior to starting (at 8:00 pm) & didn’t realize they had to sit marinate for 2 hours! Either way – ended up having them 3 days later. I used a Cuisinart for the onions and the mushrooms. We all had the “meat”balls for dinner tonight and they are really good! Very good! Will definitely make again.

They are delicious, we’ve just cut way down on the meat we’re eating and loving finding lots of new recipes. We love meatballs and love to find new ways to make them. Love how “meaty” these sound with the mushrooms. 

These soft and moist Mushroom Meatballs are simple to prepare and make a perfect vegetarian dinner!

Get the full recipe and instructios here >> Vegetarian mushroom meatballs @


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