Swig Sugar Cookie

I have been making these cookies for years but mine are called Amish Cookies. They are very addictive! I have never kept them in the fridge though. At Christmas I use cookie stamps to squish them down and have snowflakes! Instead of pink frosting I left it white, added peppermint flavoring and sprinkled crushed candy canes on top. They were a great. Big hit. These are the best cookies I’ve ever made !!!

They turned out great! I followed the recipe to the letter (including using my 1 and 1/2 inch cookie scoop) and the recipe made 60 heavenly cookies! Just to give you an idea of the size the cookies are when squished down with a glass, my cookies measured about 3 and 1/4 inches diameter. I can’t wait to pass these along to those I baked them for. 

Everyone needs a good go to sugar cookie recipe, and this is it. If you live in Utah, then you’ve probably tried the amazing Swig Drive Through Stop sugar cookie, they’re the best! If you don’t live in Utah (or even if you do), you’ll want to make these at home and share with your family and friends, they’ll love you forever!

Get the full recipe and instructions here >> Swig Sugar Cookie @ nobiggie.net


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