Pumpkin Delight Dessert

I just made this and it was simple and tasty, it was spectacular!!. The only thing I would have done differently was to make more crust. I used a 9×13 pan and it was pretty sparse. (The recipe said 9×9 OR 9×13 pan.) For a 9×13 there was not enough crust – but if i had made it in a 9×9 I suspect it would have been way too tall. Also, I used two vanilla puddings and one chocolate pudding and it worked great. Nonetheless it was easy, yummy and a great make-ahead fall dessert.

It was sooo yummy!!! Instead of making pumpkin pie this year for thanksgiving I’m making this amazing dish of deliciousness. 

My husband absolutely loved it! Making this again for family on my mother birthday. This Pumpkin Delight has to be heavenly.

Pumpkin delight dessert recipe was absolutely amazing we enjoyed it very much, this layered dessert is SO good and perfect for fall!


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