Perfect Biscuits Every Time

These look wonderful. With butter and jelly oh, my!! Mmmm, biscuits and white gravy! I just made these tonight for dinner…nothing beats good ole biscuits and sausage gravy for dinner. The biscuits were YUMMY! 

Yummy! I just whipped these up to go along with meatloaf leftovers. Everyone loved them. They were quick, easy, light and fluffy. The best comment was “THIS is why I don’t like Grands biscuits!” I put the butter in the freezer after I cut it up so that it was extra cold once I got the dry ingredients mixed up. I stirred my egg and milk together. I used salted butter and skim milk. 

They were by far the BEST biscuits I’ve ever made OR tasted! They baked up soooo fluffy & tender! Great buttery flavor, too. I’d never seen biscuits made with egg or cream of Tartar, so maybe that’s the secret??? I can say that I’ll probably never mess around with another biscuit recipe again though, this one is IT!

They are SOOOOO fabulous! Soft and light and buttery, the flavor is divine! They are a huge hit with the family. I do have to admit that I was too lazy to roll them out, and simply blobbed them out on the baking sheet…Even with that they came out great. THIS is the only biscuit recipe I will EVER need.

Very easy recipes. Common pantry ingredients. Love the taste. Will definitely makes these again. They are amazing! The recipe made 16 biscuits for me. It is hard to find a good biscuit recipe but this one is a keeper. 

Get the full recipe and instructions here >> Perfect Biscuits Every Time @


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