Frankenstein Brownies

These adorable monster brownies are topped with a mint frosting, chocolate and candy eyes for an easy Halloween dessert. These adorable Frankenstein brownies start with a brownie mix and end with a cute and delicious mint brownie that looks like Frankenstein’s monster! Perfect for Halloween!

I made these brownies easy with a box mix for the brownie base, but you can use your favorite brownie recipe too. I made the frosting for the brownies mint, because I felt like that went well with the green Frankenstein coloring, but you’re welcome to leave the mint extract out and replace it with vanilla for a simple buttercream frosting, or you can even use a canned vanilla frosting to make them even easier.

Now it doesn’t get much easier than these cute treats. They’ll be perfect for your Halloween party or celebration!

Get the recipe here >> Frankenstein Brownies @


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