Chicken Ranch Tacos

Made these tacos last night for my family, and set all the ingredients out in bowls for everyone to make their own. My son started putting his (light) ranch dressing on the tortilla, so he would have a “bit of ranch in every bite” and we all had to follow. Loved them!! And super easy to make!

These are so delicious! Made them once, now I’m making them again! these so amazing! Chicken-bacon-ranch is one of my favorite flavor combinations. My husband would LOVE These too!!! A perfect dinner for any night of the week. These chicken ranch tacos combine some of our favorite flavors to make a fun and easy dinner – it’s almost like a chicken club sandwich in taco form!

This recipe for chicken ranch tacos is grilled chicken with bacon, homemade ranch sauce, cheese and fresh vegetables, all stuffed inside warm flour tortillas. A family friendly meal that's simple to make and fun to eat!

Get the full recipe and instructions here >> Chicken Ranch Tacos @


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