Caramel Poke Cake

Yummmmm! Beautiful to take when you are assigned the dessert! Caramel Poke Cake you will love this cake! Perfect combination of caramel and chocolate! Caramel Poke Cake the best cake I’ve ever made! So delicious and moist!

This delicious caramel poke cake with caramel sauce topping is the real hit. Caramel poke cake is very simple and so delicious. When I found this recipe, I thought how simple it is, so I made a decision to make it and I didn’t expect a surprise but when I tasted it I was shocked. Today, this Caramel poke cake is favourite in my family. Caramel poke cake is really decorative cake and you can slice it very easy.

With few basic ingredients which you usually have at your home and topping you can make based on your taste. You can make caramel topping, chocolate or banana pudding or you can add your favorite fruits.

Get the recipe here >> Caramel Poke Cake @


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