Caramel Apple Pie Cookies

Love! Super easy to make, delicious and so cute. I put all the scraps in a glass dish, brushed with the egg mix & sprinkled with the sugar mix just like instructed for the cookies & served it with vanilla ice cream.

Make squares, cover square with caramel, put pie filling on one side, fold over into a triangle, seal with a fork and you now have an apple (or any flavor you want) pop over. No wasted pie crust, filling or caramel. You can even drizzle with powdered sugar glaze and extra caramel.

Very creative and easy to make. I make apple gallettes all the time and this would be great for that too with the salted caramel…YUM!!!

As far as time consumption, they turn out great. Pastry crust, warm gooey caramel and apples make them delish.


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