Caramel Apple Pie Bombs

These awesome Caramel Apple Pie Bombs are the easiest dessert recipe (or at least Apple pie recipe) you’ve ever made and they are insanely GOOD!

They are the best to eat when they are warm, just be careful, caramel filling inside the bombs are really HOT, so you better wait for a while to cool them or you might burn your tongue.

You can make these Caramel Apple Pie Bombs as a dessert for any party, potluck or holiday but also this could be a great snack for your kids after school. Your family will love these bombs and bagging for more.

  • 8 oz. can of refrigerated crescent rolls (8 crescents)
  • 8 unwrapped caramel candies (one for each crescent)
  • 8 Tbsp.chopped apples from apple pie filling (1 Tbsp. for each crescent)
  • Cinnamon sugar mixture


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