Cannoli Cream Puffs

I made these little gems this weekend and my friends husband described them the best in one word…”Heavenly”. These are gorgeous!! These are most amazing, made them numerous times. People keep raving about them and want the recipe. 

The cream puffs can be made ahead and frozen and filled once defrosted. An easy way for a quick dessert. Don’t like cannoli?…try whipping heavy cream with small amount of powdered sugar and once whipped add a bit of strawberry jelly. Makes the cream barely pink and adds just a nice light strawberry flavor. Delish.

These Cannoli Cream Puffs are gorgeous! (Um, why haven’t I thought of this?) I adore cannoli and would definitely add some chopped bittersweet chocolate and pistachios to emulate the ones I fondly recall from my childhood.

Takes cream puffs in a different direction, with a classic cannoli filling. Enjoy them plain or try some of the variations suggested in the recipe. These are best right after they are made but will keep uncovered in the fridge for several hours.

These are so pretty, they would be perfect for a special occasion, I think (like Easter maybe) or follow my lead and make them to celebrate … Tuesday :) They are best eaten shortly after being filled, but will keep, uncovered, in the fridge for the most of the day, if you want to make ahead (They actually stay reasonably fresh into the next day, but they may start to pick up fridge flavours if left too long). I cut these in half and piped in the filling, but you could also pipe the filling in through a hole in the side, so the filling is all nice and neat inside. And of course, if piping isn’t your thing, a spoon works just fine for both the shells and adding the filling.


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