Best Chicken Enchiladas Ever

These are great! I made a side of cilantro-lime rice to go with it – YUM. However, I used the Morton & Bassett Chili Powder for the enchilada sauce and still only put 3 Tbs. I ended up reducing it too long and added a cup of chicken stock to take the sauce further and to make it a little more spreadable. It is still pretty spicy for me, which is surprising! I like spicy. I think next time I’ll only use 2 Tbs of chili powder, or perhaps just one. Awesome recipe! Can’t wait for my husband to try this!

After the sauce was done I added a splash of tequila and the zest and juice of one lime. Totally freshened it up and made the flavours pop!

I have cooked this 3 or 4 times now for family and when having guests over and its a hit with everybody! The sauce is incredible, amazing recipe, truly is the best enchilada recipe around.

I have to tell you how delicious this is. It is easy and healthy as well. It’s one of my go to crowd meals and  people always ask for the recipe. I make it every few weeks. These recipe that is a staple for me when I’m trying to stay healthy yet eat filling delicious food. Also if you haven’t made it yet the enchilada sauce it is much better than store bought. Without a doubt! 

This is my all-time favorite chicken enchilada recipe, made with a simple homemade red enchilada sauce that my friends all love.

Get the full recipe and instructios here >> Best Chicken Enchiladas Ever @


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