Apple Fries with Vanilla Whipped Cream (Vegan)

I just tried it! Turned out yummy!  I served it with cranberry sauce. Love this recipe. I also love coconut so I did half tapioca flour and half coconut flour and it was amazing. Still didn’t fully go crisp though. Also swapped the sugar for coconut sugar :)

Desserts, like cobbler and pie, are always a treat during the fall. The Veg Life‘s Apple Fries with Vegan Vanilla Whipped Cream are a treat that is perfect for the season

Coated only in cornstarch, the apple wedges are quickly fried in oil.  Be sure your oil is hot enough so the apples fry, but do not absorb the oil.  Drain on paper towels for a few minutes to cool slightly and then toss in a mixture of cinnamon and sugar.  Sometimes simple is best. Toss with cinnamon and sugar and serve with a vanilla dipping sauce.


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